Regular Friday

These days you will find large promotions on numerous websites, but not on


Because we specialize in crafting timeless bags suitable for every season, providing
qualitative products at a fair price year-round. While occasionally small discount may occur, we refrain from participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday big deals.

Why does Black Friday cause an economic disruption?

Did you ever ask yourself why big brands, big retailers or multinational chains can afford so high discounts? One part of the answer is that the initial prices are set with promotions in mind.

Instead of engaging in misleading promotions, why not establish fair prices from the
start? Why manipulate consumers into thinking they are striking a great deal when it’s merely a marketing ploy to line the pockets of large groups?

Another factor is that these larger chains can operate with smaller margins compared to local retailers and smaller producers who strive to maintain ethical practices. They make up for their margin with larger sales volume. This is also a reason why one should distinguishing between end-of-year sales, where consumers have more time to make thoughtful decisions, and Black Friday ‘limited time only’ offers is crucial. The former is needed for small retailers to clear their shelves and generate cash for a new season, while the latter often leads to over-consumerism, misguided purchases, and an abundance of unused products. The push to sell mid-season becomes a race to the bottom, lacking sustainability.

Supporting Black Friday inadvertently endorses unfair pricing, disregards environmental concerns, and contributes to the demise of small businesses in favor of corporate giants.

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