Shoulder bags, tote bags and backpacks

Carrying comfort

Faithful, trendy companions who embark on all the adventures of a busy day.

Whether commuting to work or spending the weekend at the seaside, AUBE is committed to making travel as pleasant as possible by creating lightweight, ergonomic and versatile products. The bags are padded, soft and supple to fit the body and not restrict movement.

Eco-design and environmental impact

Our eco-responsible approach

Consideration of environmental impact begins at the product design stage. AUBE creations are carefully considered and deliberately limited in number. We use modern technologies, in particular 3D for component development. By working in this way, the number of unnecessary prototypes and their transport can be kept to a minimum.

Surprisingly light

From the outset, our products have been designed to optimize material consumption, while focusing on aesthetics and comfort of use.
Fabrics and components are then carefully selected for their quality and lightness.

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